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Be A Hero

Today we honor and reflect upon those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  

In service, our military men and women risk their lives daily for the hope of a better future and freedom.  This Memorial Day, we honor those heroes who have served and can no longer hear our shouts of victory and remarks of thanks.  

Heroes shouldn’t just be remembered; they should be used as an example to inspire us all.  Know what it takes to be a hero and use those qualities to better the lives of those around you.  Make your actions matter.  

A hero is a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.  Take time today to let the hero in your life know exactly how much they mean to you.  

And to all of our military servicemen and women, past, present, and future;  We honor you and thank you for the life you have breathed into this country with your very own breath.  

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