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Be Kind, Your Aren't The Only One Fighting

Think about a moment where you were really struggling with something or someone made you really upset.  Maybe you were walking around a store with a really bad attitude and then suddenly, someone catches you off guard by being nice to you despite your brooding presence and it cheers you up!  

How does that make you feel?  It changes your outlook on the rest of your day!

Be that person to someone else.  Spread kindness like confetti.

That cashier at the market, you have no idea what they might be going through and your smile or kind words can trigger the soft emotions of happiness to offset the struggles they might be facing.  Kindness is almost like a human superpower. We can use it to counteract the evil in the world.

Here’s a tip:  Don’t hand over your good mood to outside influences.  You are the only one with the authority to change your happiness.  Choose to be kind and spread joy rather than giving the keys to your joy to someone or something else.  

Be the key to unlock someone’s smile today.  

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