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Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

As humans, our minds and bodies are ever changing and what promotes that change is challenge.  When you were a kid in school you were challenged by teachers and friends and those challenges brought growth.

Challenge brings growth!  

Don’t expect great things to happen if you aren’t being challenged in your life.  Your workout hurts for a reason!  The breaking down of muscles during a workout causes repair and growth later...aka you get stronger.

Likewise, in the other areas of your life make sure you are being challenged.  See the tough times as a chance for growth and an opportunity to become a better you.  Defeat is only temporary if you let it be.  Or it can keep you in a state of stagnation where you do not grow.  

Push harder in your workout goals this week!

See those problems at work as a chance to be a better problem solver!

Love your family better than you did last week, even those who might not deserve it!

You will not be defeated.

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