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By facing your fears, you remove their power.

Nothing is more motivation-sapping that a little bit of fear in the back of your mind.  Our fears are a mirror of our insecurities and those insecurities can sneak in and steal your success.

When you give into self-doubt and insecurity, they take away your joy in the now and in your future.  Those insecurities can have a crippling effect on the things you want to accomplish today, tomorrow, and in your future.  

So while everyone has insecurities, not everyone knows hows to control them  How can we outsmart our insecurities?

We can start by identifying the illusion.

Insecurities expose expectations and these expectations turn into standards.  Sometimes, when we place high expectations on ourselves, they are high, sometimes higher than what is reasonable or achievable for the current situations.  This will lead to disappointment and what might feel like failure.

Not a good combo and definitely a joy zapper.  

From day to do we absorb certain standards about who we should be and what we should do or look like.  Some standards can be valid and healthy, but often they can become mixed in with harmful illusions (cue perfect Instagram filters)  Those harmful illusions can become toxic.  

One major illusion is to assume you have no insecurities at all.  Believing that strong people don’t ever doubt themselves, or that confidence is a gift some people are born with is a belief standard that does nothing for neutralizing false illusions.  It is only a misdirection that can leave you discouraged and frustrated.

By accepting that every person you meet faces some form of self-doubt can show you there is nothing special about yours.  

Observe yourself and listen to what your insecurities are telling you and respond back with authority.  I’m not good enough - for who?  I’m not pretty enough - who ever said that?  I can’t workout enough to make a difference - what about the last 5 workouts you did?  My boss hates me because I messed up my last report—what about the last five years of stellar performance?

By facing your fears, you remove their power.

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