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Conditions Aren't Perfect

Welcome, April!

Have you fallen into the bad habit of waiting until you “feel like it?”  How long did it take?  It probably took forever and in the end, you still didn’t feel like doing it.  

Going after your dreams can be challenging, but getting started is also just as hard. Others wait around for the perfect time to start. They believe in waiting for the right opportunity. What if it never comes? What will you do then?

The answer is nothing. You will do nothing. But if you stop waiting for the perfect conditions and just start, then you will get your results sooner.

If we wait until the weather is just right, for our bank balance to be a certain level, or for us to become chipper and happy, then we may never get anything done!

Waiting for the perfect conditions will cause you to miss some great opportunities and cause you to fall further behind from where you started.  

Waiting will accomplish nothing, but doing does!  Be a doer today and go out and get it done!

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