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Conquer Fear With Courage

It’s Monday again.  Monday’s can either be filled with dread or optimism.  Anyone else still working on this?  *raises hand*

This week, let's look at what it takes to change the dreaded Monday feels to something a little more positive.  Let’s talk about changing our fear to courage.  

How many times in life have you had a great idea but didn’t pursue it?

Procrastinated or talked yourself out of a dream or desire?

Became overwhelmed with choices in your life so you ended up not doing any of them?

Knew you wanted to get fit but just thought it was too much work?

When you feel stuck in your current life situations, you might not have the motivation or the courage to make the needed changes.  If you look at your Monday as just another dreary day to go do the dead at your job and just make it to bed in one piece.

But when your prick that stream of courage, a river of action starts to follow and change happens in your life.  

Fear is the opposite of courage but courage is your compass to a better situation.  Ideally, you know what you want and where you wish to end up. Even if you are not clear on your destination (or your goals change, which happens as you grow), you can always move in the direction of courage. Set that compass. Chart your course.

So set your fitness goals.

Start that creative hobby.

Make that change in your workplace.

A little bit of courage goes a long way towards conquering fears and doubts.

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