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Decisions Lead To Visions

This is a quote by Gail Devers, a three-time Olympic champion in track-and-field.  Devers Olympic champion record would never have been achieved if she hadn’t first made a decision and formed a vision.  Her vision led to her radical accomplishment and even saved her life.

Ironically, Gail almost lost her physical vision while attempting to qualify for the 1988 Summer Olympics.  She started experiencing health problems, suffering from migraines and vision loss.  Gail Devers was later diagnosed with Graves' disease and underwent harsh treatments that lead to swelling of her feet to where she could hardly walk, let alone race in the Olympics.  Doctors even considered amputation.

Devers was a visionary who couldn’t see, and a runner who couldn’t walk.  But she had made the decision to try and she made that decision every day until 1993 when it led her to her first Olympic victory in 100 meter.

If you are battling something in your life or even just wishing you were better at something, remember to just try.  Your great accomplishment is not far down the road if every day you start with some good old fashioned effort.  Your decision will form your vision and lead to your greatest victory.  

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