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Doer vs. Doubter

Life is full of Doers and Doubters.

On one hand, you have the type of person that sets goals, works out a plan how to achieve them, and then they go after them.  They typically don’t have too many excuses (no one is perfect) but instead, they find ways to make it happen.  They give themselves credit for even small accomplishments. #littlevictories  They know things don’t always go according to plan but they don’t let this distract them.  They count their costs and figure out a new way to reach their goals.  One step at a time.

Then there are the Doubters.  They aren’t necessarily lazy or anything, they just don’t really have that spark that it takes to light the fire of whatever their passion might be.  They tend to voice things like, “I wish I could do that, but I would never make it.”  They doubt in their own abilities before they even give themselves a chance to try!  Doubters tend to not try new things, even when they are perfectly capable to do so.  

Doubter’s don’t have to stay doubters forever.  Doubters need Doer’s in their lives to inspire them to be better!  

If you’re a Doer, don’t ever doubt in what you can accomplish.  If you want to learn a new skill, try for a different job, lose weight, or gain muscles then....well, you know what to do.  DO IT!

If you’re a Doubter, you are letting yourself get in your own way.  No matter what your imperfections and perfections are, you are capable of making plans and taking action.  Stop doubting yourself!  You can do ALL things so long as you move past a little negativity and just try.

There is a combination of Doers and Doubters in all of us.  Which one will you let shine today?

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