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Don't look back. Focus on looking ahead.

Take a moment to think back on your recent accomplishments. Whether your accomplishments have been made at the gym, work, school, etc., how did you get there? Well I can almost guarantee that while you were in the process of reaching your goals, you did not sit there thinking focusing on where you started. Of course, you'd sit there dreaming about where you would end up, dreaming about the moment you would reach your goals in the future. That is the way to success. Don't look back. Don't focus on where you started. Focus on the future. Focus on achieving your goals. 

The most amazing moments in life have usually taken a lot of hard work to achieve. This week, don't think about all the hard work you are having to put 
in, and don't focus on your starting point. Focus on the future and thinking about the end results. The best things are always worth the work.  

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