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Don't Stay Where You Are At

Can you believe we are already at the end of the year 2017?  Take a second and think about what life has been like this year.  How are you doing on those fitness goals?

As we stare, bug-eyed, into the face of December, this can be a tough time for those gym goals.  We get busy, take trips back home or to Granny’s, and don’t forget all the awesome parties and food you now have access to.  

It can be tough sticking to your guns!

Usually, this time of the year, you have two choices:  You can evaluate where you are in your workout goals and you can either push harder and move forward, or you can consider the good job you’ve already done and start to slack off.   There is a wrong answer here…(no slacking off!!!)  

Don’t let all the holly jolly Christmas feels pull you away from your fit goals!  Like our quote suggests, you’ve already done the hard part by starting your fitness journey.  Never stay where you were the day before!  Continue pushing yourself to run faster, lift heavier, and do more reps!  

The results you have seen so far probably make you feel awesome, so just consider how wonderful it will be when you push to a greater level.  

Quick tips on surviving the Christmas season:

  • Build a travel gym kit - to take with you so you never miss a workout
  • Go for the greens - eat as many veggies as possible
  • Keep small portions - don’t over do it at dinner!

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