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Don't Tell Mom

What’s up Dads and Happy Father’s Day!  I want to congratulate you on a job well done thus far...you probably haven’t killed your kids.  And Moms, you probably haven’t killed your husband.  :)  

In fact, Dads, you’ve probably made some pretty awesome memories with your family.  All of those, “don’t tell Mom,” moments are probably some of your kids favorite times with you.  

I have a picture from when I was in kindergarten, dressed like a princess with a lace shirt and floral girly pants.  On my head was a way-too-big orange hunting hat and I am laying prone, sniper style, with a BB gun pointed down range, ready to fire.  If Mom had known I was shooting guns and getting dirty she wouldn’t have appreciated it!  But these shooting sessions with Dad led to many more outdoor adventures, hiking fishing, and even a little hunting, making me into the independent woman I am today!

Dads, take time out to make more of those “don’t tell mom,” moments with your kids.  You are probably very busy working hard to provide for your family, but one day your kids won't tell stories about how awesome it was that Dad was at work all the time.  No, they will tell the funny, silly, ridiculous adventurous stories of the time you spent with them and the memories you created.

What are some of your fun, “don’t tell Mom moments?”  Comment and share!  And Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

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