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Don't Throw In The Towel

Spring is here!  Anyone else feeling the itch to take your workouts and activities outside these days?  Winter has released its grip and the warmer weather means workouts outside, picnics and cookouts are in the foreseeable future.

But maybe you aren’t all gung-ho on the hype of the upcoming spring and summer festivities.  Maybe you’ve had a few setbacks in life and just aren’t feeling like “adulting” today. That’s ok, we get it.  Some days you just don’t feel like being powerful and conquering the world, let alone your daily responsibilities of your job and a normal workout.

It’s totally normal in life to have moments where everything just seems grey and the voices in your head are telling you that, “your life sucks, you aren’t good enough, and all the work you’ve put in is not worth it.”  

But we’re here to tell you that you can either give in to these thoughts and accept these lies as truth or you can use them as fuel to start the fire inside you that you need to reignite your passions.  Don’t let winters grip hang onto what makes you happy.

While we can’t always just go through the motions and we understand that some emotions are caused by medical conditions, we do want to point out that joy can be a choice over giving up and throwing in the towel.  

If you feel like just giving up, remind yourself why you started.  

Remember how far you have come.

Don’t worry about how far you still have to go.

And just do TODAY, let tomorrow worry about itself.  

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