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Dreams, Drive, and Destiny

Have you ever had a "what if" moment?  

When I first start on my fitness journey, I couldn’t even do simple squats.  I lost my balance all the time and would get frustrated and quit before the reps were up because I couldn’t do it!   But, my “what if” was the statement, “what if I was actually strong, lean, toned, and fit into all my clothes.”  This was my goal and my “what if” was my drive to continue mastering that perfect squat form.  

When your dream starts to become a reality, it turns into your drive pushing towards your destiny.  

By simply changing my thinking pattern and putting thoughts into action, I was able to train harder and achieve my goals, and make new ones!

Don't let your thoughts hold you back this week!  What if you plunged into that project you've been putting off or that fitness routine you've procrastinated on?  What if you actually start becoming successful in achieving the dreams and desires you’ve been thinking about.  You'd become your own superstar!

Here's a fun project.

Take pen and paper and answer the question, "What if...." for yourself 5 times.  

Pin the paper to your mirror and ask yourself these questions every morning and let me help motivate you to be awesome this week!

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