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Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.

Sometimes in our lives, we let the fear of failure overcome us. We end up not letting ourselves pursue our dreams, or we end up not letting ourselves pursue a goal all because we do not want to fail. This can happen in almost any aspect in our lives. Whether it is fitness, health, new career, starting school, starting a new hobby. Have you ever asked yourself why failure is so scary? I mean, trying something new and failing shows courage and determination. Those are both such wonderful characteristics to have. So, what if you fail, or think you look silly? Truth is, so many people are too wrapped up in their own life pursuits to truly care or think you look silly if you fail.


We have to learn to not take ourselves too seriously. We have to learn to be proud of ourselves through failures and successes because no matter what the outcome is, we tried. We should learn to take pride in our efforts, rather than resent ourselves. We should learn to not care what anyone thinks of our choices and actions because we should be doing things solely for ourselves.


Of course, we all strive to be perfect. We all strive for perfection. But is there anything truly perfect in this world? Not really. Which means the path to our dreams and goals will not be perfect. But it will be worth it in the end.

We have to remember that we are only human, and we are not perfect. Everyone’s path through life is unique and interesting. Staying in one spot, and never pursuing your dreams is not very interesting.


So, this week let’s challenge ourselves to find the courage to make our journeys through life interesting and unique. One day we will wake up thankful that we tried to reach all our dreams and goals.


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