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Give Yourself A Break

Happy Tuesday!  Wait, what? Aren’t these supposed to be “Motivation Monday” posts?

Yes, but life happens sometimes.  

Ever feel like you are running hard and pushing to be a superstar and once in a while, you fall short of the mark set for yourself?  How do you react to these circumstances? Do you kick yourself and trash talk yourself because you messed up or didn’t do good enough?

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves the chance to make mistakes and then be okay with the “just good enough.”  As much as society pushes the “be all you can be” and the “weekend warrior” mentality, it can cause managing effects when there is trash self-talk involved.

Let's say you have a day when your body just doesn’t feel up to working out, but you go anyway and you kind of throw around some weights and do only 10 minutes of cardio.  Do you tell yourself you suck because you didn’t workout as hard as you usually do? Or do you give yourself a break and tell yourself, ‘well, at least I did something!’

We’re not saying it’s okay to be mediocre all the time and half-effort your way through work, your workouts, or life.  But we are saying that when you aren’t on the A game all the time, give yourself a break, don’t bash your inner-self, and get up and get going the next day.

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