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How Far Have You Come?

Need a little encouragement this week?  It's almost humorous how often we forget how far we have come.  Often we are so focused on our goal that we get frustrated when we think we aren't getting their fast enough.   

Failing to acknowledge how far you've come can rob you of a lot of joy and pride in what you are doing.  Give yourself more credit for all of the hard work you've been putting in.  Realize that you have already accomplished so much in your journey and let that give hope to the seed that you are strong enough to go even farther.  

But also, don’t forget to enjoy the place you are at now.  You won’t even get today back.

Here are a few tips to help you see how far you've come:


It's hard to see the truth when there are a thousand voices and worries circling in your head.  Take a second to discern which of these are lies and throw them away.  Know you are moving forward and ignore the lies that are telling you otherwise.

Look Back

Ask yourself, "Where was I this time last month, last year, 5 years ago?"  You will probably be surprised at the answer.  Change can come slowly, but it's happening, trust yourself that you are progressing towards your goal!

Make a List

Take a second to write down the things you have accomplished this year.  It doesn't matter how small or big, but writing it down will help you visualize how far you've come and gives you a chance to see exactly what all you have done!  

Ask a Friend

Usually, we are our own worst critics so asking someone close to us can help us get a clearer view on how much we have grown.  Ask someone you trust to share 3 things they have seen us accomplish!  And don't write it off as them just, "being nice!"  Take the compliments!

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