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If It's Important To You

Weekends are the best!  You had time to plan your meals, relax and get to the gym when you wanted and stay for however long you wanted!

Now it's Monday and back to the grinding stone so to speak.  As you drive to work you possibly are thinking about all the things you need to do today or even tomorrow, or you might even be trying to decipher all you need to do for the rest of the week!

Where in that head of yours are you making time for yourself?  

What makes you happy and what brings you closer to your true self?  

If you're already planning your week, days ahead, that's awesome to be productive.  But you have to also plan for those things that bring your closer to your SELF-goals.  You did set some 2018 resolutions, right?  

Make time today to do those things that will bring you closer to your goals.  Workout, be creative, have downtime.

Set some action plans in your schedule as an appointment you can't miss!

Tips For Making Time For Yourself:

Turn Off The Distractions

That one text or phone call will take away from your scheduled time.  If it's at the gym it might interrupt your concentration, or distract you if you're being artistic.

Write Down Your Scheduled "Me" Time

You know when you'll be at work this week, you know what appointments you have and you probably have a schedule in your head.  But grab a calendar or paper and pen and write down the hours you are going to spend for yourself.  Is it gym time?  Art time?  Time with family?  Write the hours and what you will be doing.

Commit To Your Own Appointment

You wouldn't want to cancel a date night right?  Consider your time away as a date with yourself.  Your chance to improve on yourself with no distractions.  Don't make up excuses or procrastinate from your appointment.  You'll love yourself for it!


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