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It’s not going to be easy, but I bet it’s going to be worth it!

Life is something that requires a considerable amount of physical and mental effort. Some are fortunate enough to have everything prepared for them.  Such as some are born into money; some come across good fortune yet most work hard from the start to get somewhere in the world. It just all depends on how you were brought into this world. For some people, life is full of stress and hardships.

It’s true that some of our ability to deal with hardships and failure has to do with biological traits and genetics. Some of it may have to do with luck. But mostly it has to do with the environment and people around us. Our parents, siblings, peers, educators, and community all play a vital role in shaping who we become. Life is tough and we all have our own challenges to face. But we don’t have to face them alone. With a caring heart and encouraging hand, we can all play a role in supporting others through their greatest hardships.

Life won’t always give a smooth and easy journey. We would often encounter difficulties along the way. But no matter how hard it may seem, we must not give up. We need to keep going until we reach our goals.

There will be challenges that seem impossible to overcome, but with a little patience you’ll soon discover a way to solve them. Just like what the quote above says, “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.”

You may not experience the rewards right away but in the end, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is always in the end where we would realize every sacrifice we make is worth it.

So the next time you encounter some challenges, don’t get discouraged. Tackle them head on and believe that everything will be good in the end.


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