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It's A New Day

Ever hear the phrase, “there’s nothing new under the sun?”

We know it refers to the cycle of life, earth’s ebbs and flows and all that really deep “meaning of life” stuff.  But, put aside those global warming thoughts and today, think about the fact that EVERYTHING is new to you today.  

Yes, you might have to go to the same boring job and repeat your same routine, but each moment today is a new moment for you, one not yet lived.  What are you going to do with it?

You can control your thought process about today and realize that you don’t have to live in monotony.  Choose to have joy in your experiences and strive to better yourself in every situation.

If you are starting 2018 out with some fresh workout goals, then be all there during your gym time and not worrying about all the other million things you tend to worry about.  Focus on taking care of your body, after all, each set is an opportunity to better yourself.  Don’t waste it.

Everything is new under today’s sun.  So live like you appreciate it and strive to make today just a little bit better to prepare for your tomorrow.  

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