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It's Impossible Until It's Done

Have you ever felt like maybe you have set expectations for yourself that were maybe a little too high?  The feeling of not being able to reach your mark can be overwhelming. When something looks like it is totally out of our reach, often times, it is easier for us to give up on that goal or even procrastinate trying.

But the feeling you get when you accomplish something tough is like no other.  When you stand triumphant and glorious on top of the mountain of success, that feeling can be your motivation to accomplish even greater things.  

When I first started my fitness journey, I could hardly do 1 push up, let alone a pull up unassisted.  I know, I was a baby, just learning to walk in my new gym life, but I always admired athletes who could churn out 20 pull up reps or hammer out 15 superman push-ups.  I wanted to be able to do those things!

I first had to realize that these people had probably been working towards their goals for months, if not years.  The first step towards achieving your goal is to #1, know what you want, and #2 have the patience over time to work towards that which you want to achieve.  

Continued months of training, slowly, brought me closer to my unassisted pull-ups until I finally had the upper body strength to do them!  I know having the goal to do pull-ups is not an impossible task. But if you think about where I was standing, a weak, newbie gym guru, at that point in time it was impossible.  My body didn’t have the ability to perform what my mind wanted.  Now, what’s my new goal? Handstands!.....Impossible right now….but with work and patience, I will get there.  

So what you think might seem impossible right now is only the starting place for something greater.   Keep pushing towards the goal and eventually, you will get there and wonder, “What’s next?!”

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