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Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.

If we want something important to us changed in our lives, we must get, and do it ourselves. Back in the day, there were TV’s that you had to get up and switch the channel if you wanted it changed. Now we have remotes for almost anything. One click of a button we can make a cup of coffee, start our car, shut the blinds, etc. etc. We live in a world where technology seems to be making everything faster, and easier for us.

Unfortunately, they haven’t come up with a remote for us yet. With just one click of a button, we can’t have that amazing body we’ve always dreamed of. With just one click of a button we can’t have that job, home or car we have always dreams. We still have to work and work very hard for all these things. It is not easy to have and be all the things we always dreamed of, but we put in a tremendous amount of effort to have it all. It is up to us, and us only, to change our lives.

We wake up every morning with the opportunity to be great or be lazy. Now a lazy day every now and then is actually needed. But most days we would want to choose to be great. We all have something we can change, or improve on, and it is our time to do it!

Once we have chosen to ‘do it ourselves.’ We appreciated our efforts ten times more than if we just clicked a button.

 Happy Monday Everyone!

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