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Make Changes, Not Excuses

Have you ever wanted to start something but were afraid of failure, so you just, didn't start?  Maybe there is a new workout plan you want to crack down on but “life” keeps getting in the way, you’re too busy, work is rough right now, and you’re just plain ol’ tired all the time.  

News flash: Life will never give you the perfect conditions to start something new.  There will always be something else competing for your time.  It is an unrealistic expectation to believe that if we’re not perfect in the pursuit of our goals, then we're a failure.  

But we're human.  We're imperfect.  It's what makes us each unique and pretty awesome!  

But the failure happens when we desire to make changes but instead make excuses.  

Perfection should not be your goal because the outcome will always be failure.  But it doesn't mean that we don't set the bar high!  

Focus on the progress and process this week, on the now. Don't focus on the outcome.  Progress is still progress, no matter what.  Even if you are only able to consistently dedicate 15 or 30 minutes to your fitness program, then do it!  You don’t have to suddenly morph into the Hulk to see progress in your workouts.

So this week, strive for the knowledge that even if you veer off the path for a bit, the path is still within our reach.  Don't be afraid to start.  Just start!

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