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Make Your Moments Count

At the end of a day, have you ever wondered, “What did I even do today?”

You’ve worked so hard, diving at each task on your plate that day that it just made the day fly by in a whirl wind.  It’s only going to get worse the farther we get into the busy December month!

Sure, you might have gone to work, made dinner, worked out a little, but did you really do something that made you feel alive, made you smile or that made you feel proud?  

Making each day count is very important for healthy emotional stability.  You don’t have to be a rock star, but you do need to care about yourself enough to know what makes you feel accomplished.   

Especially this time of year!  The whole point of the Christmas season is not giving or receiving presents but caring for the person in front of you.  Sometimes we need a reminder that that person we should be caring for is our own bodies and minds.  

Don’t get caught up in just “doing” and getting through your check-list.  Take time to still workout and care for your body.  

And don’t forget to REST and enjoy this Christmas season!

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