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Motivation vs. Habit

February is coming to an end already and the first two months of 2017 have certainly flown by!  I'm sure you have experienced all the hype and excitement of the new year and, with that, all the motivational and inspirational quotes you can stomach.  #fitspiration #FTW 

But, have you turned that new year motivation into habit forming actions yet?  

Motivation might be what's gotten you started in your fitness routine, but I can guarantee you that habit is what will keep you going.  

What habits do you have that you will see yourself continuing through the year to keep you successful in your routine?  Have you already fallen out of step with some of the important ones?  

Take a second and write down at least 2 habits that you want to pick back up and stick to them as we welcome in March 2017!  

For more information on Good Habit Building Techniques, check out our blog post.  Click Here

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