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One Pound At A Time.

Monday, we meet again! Whether you are trying to lose weight, or you are trying to go up in weights for gains; this quote may apply to your current fitness goals. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Take one day at a time.” Well, the concept is the same. One pound lost is better than one pound gained! One pound added to the weights is better than nothing!

 However, for the times when things seem to reach a plateau, it is easy to get discouraged. We have two choices we can make. One, we can get so frustrated and discouraged. Or, we can choose to keep pushing harder towards each goal. What will you choose this week?

 Maybe it isn’t that plateau you’ve hit. Maybe you’ve lost track of the good routines and habits, and now the old bad ones have come into play. We all start our fitness journeys ready to go. We meal prep, we get in the gym multiple times a week. Then all of a sudden, the old habits come back to us. We have to understand that it is not easy to break those habits that we were used to making for years and years. It is going to take time of practicing good habits to get our bodies and mind used to them.

 Goals for this week… And every week:

  • Stay on track with nutrition!
  • Get in the gym- No excuses!
  • Keep lifting- Get those gains!
  • Keep stretching- dynamic before & static after a workout!

 One pound, One step, One day, One goal at a time! We got this!

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