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Practice Self-Talk

This week we celebrate Valentine's Day.  To most, this is a happy day, where one will go out of their way to make a loved one feel special, loved, and cherished.  To others, it’s a regular day and there’s nothing special about it and it’s viewed as a simple marketing black hole and there’s no meaning.

Regardless of your feelings towards Valentines Day, there is one way for you to show love this week and there doesn’t have to be anyone else in the room to do it.

Show self-love this week by practicing safe self-talk.

Studies show that most of our inner thoughts are negative.  We are our own worst critics.  The relationship you have with yourself is the longest relationship you will ever have.  Don’t you want it to be healthy?  If you constantly said critical things to your partner, do you think that relationship would last?  

You just aren’t good enough.

Your hard work is not paying off, just give up.

They think you’re weird and don’t fit in.

You can’t really do anything right.

Face it, you’re not strong enough.

This week, tune in to those mental thoughts and tune out the negativity you are telling yourself.

Find a ‘safe-word’ to say to yourself when you are in a moment of negative thinking and say it!  Something like, “nope, not to today,” “SHUT YOUR FACE,” “relax!”  Make it something empowering that can help you steal back the mic. The word will serve as a simple way to 1) notice how that voice is playing with your emotions and 2) shut. it. Down.

You are forever stuck with yourself.  Choose to fall in love with your inner-self and make that inner voice one of positivity to build up, not break down.

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