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Small changes can make a big difference.

Can small changes really make a big difference? Of course, they can! When you make small changes every day, the outcome can be very great over time. Since it is Monday, most of us have set some goals for this week. Some may want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or just improve our fitness overall. Most of us know to take things one step at a time in achieving our goals, and the same applies to this. The small changes will add up over time to make a big difference. By taking things slowly and making small changes, you will find that you are fully managing your improvements and able to reach your goals better. If your goal is to lose more weight, then making subtle changes like walking more, drinking more water, and eating more vegetables can help you build a foundation to the new, healthy lifestyle you wish to have. Fitness is certainly a lifestyle if you wish to stay healthy and fit.

 If you are finding that reaching your goals is stressful, or overpowering to your life, you might find it beneficial to start slowly with small changes. To avoid stressing out your body and mind, try not to do too much at once. When you force yourself to do too much at once or make a big change suddenly, it can take a toll and you and leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. If you are feeling mentally and physically exhausted, then your chances of cheating on your diet, or skipping workouts can really bring you backward, instead of forward to your goals. We want to avoid this by setting ourselves up for success and ease our way to achieving our big goals.

This week we challenge you to make some small changes to add to your lifestyle. Here is a list of ideas you may choose from.

  1. Chew your food well- This helps with better digestion.
  2. Drink more water- This can give a boost of energy, boosts metabolism, and curb cravings.
  3. Multitask- While watching TV, try doing a workout as well. While brushing your teeth, do a wall sit. These small changes will help you tone up.
  4. Take the stairs, park your car far away- Just walk more!
  5. Get more sleep- easier said than done, right?
  6. Eat more vegetables- Start by eating vegetables first, and filling up on those. This will help you stay away from/eat less of foods that aren’t as beneficial to your body.
  7. Make a schedule- We will not see results from an inconsistent workout schedule.
  8. Change your grips- for example, if you do a set of barbell curls with a narrow grip, you’ll target different muscles.
  9. Add extra tension whenever possible- resistance bands are great!
  10. Stand more- focus on posture- this will help burn a little more calories.

 Happy Monday! And Happy Changing! : )




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