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Stop Giving Up.


Sometimes in our lives, we find ourselves constantly starting over with a goal that we set out to achieve long ago. Each time we have to start over, that process gets harder and harder to do. Unfortunately, sometimes the goal slips away from us all together.
For example, how many of us have made a resolution at the beginning of the year to have our “perfect summer body”? Well, each year we get in the habit of setting that same goal. We push ourselves really hard at first, and then it gets harder. One or two slip-ups happen like parties, or getting sick for a week. We get discouraged that we won’t reach the goal we set. We begin to give up on ourselves.

You see, it is easier to give up on ourselves than it is to push harder and longer. But, the reward when giving up is simply not there.

What should we do to prevent the process of starting over multiple times, and to get the reward of reaching our goal?

Five tips to take with you today:

  1. Break bad habits: Now that you’ve been down this road a couple or multiple times, reflect on when you gave up, and why. Get out of your comfort zone, and break the cycle!
  1. Change your attitude: It is so important to have a strong mindset. However, this can take practice. Be aware of how your mind works, and push yourself to think positively.
  1. Love yourself: This may be one of the most important things. When you love someone, you want the best for them, right? Well, practice that love on yourself! Love yourself enough to be the best you possible. Don’t let anyone bring you down, especially YOU.
  1. Be forgiving, but don’t lose sight: No one is perfect! Let the little slip-ups go, forgive yourself and push forward. Always focus on the big picture.
  1. No Excuses: Why do we make excuses? Is it fear of failure, or fear of making mistakes? Whatever the case may be, excuses hold us back! Remember that next time you tell yourself an excuse. Don’t hold yourself back any longer!

Remember: Only YOU hold you back from achieving your goals.

Stay Motivated


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