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We’re officially saying goodbye to November and heading straight into December, the busiest time of the year and also the toughest time to keep your fitness goals alive.  The colder weather, festive parties, and hectic schedules can make it hard to keep your daily workout routine.  

But the strength you have developed over the year has more than prepared you for the challenges to come.  And not just in a “resisting most desserts” kind of way.  

You never know what tomorrow will bring or next month.  You could wake up to a phone call bringing news of some tragedy or you could suddenly find yourself with changing job circumstances.  But whatever unknown might be in your future, one fact remains.  

You can handle it. 

You are strong physically, mentally and emotionally.  You are a capable person who has the power to control your own destiny no matter what life may bring you.  Sometimes we have to go through storms to learn how to navigate rough waters.  

But in the end, you are more than capable of taking control of the end of the year 2017!

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