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Strong Body, Stronger Mind

Being mentally strong is just as important as being physically fit.  Trying or stressful times can be the ultimate test of mental fitness. When we are winded by a major life event, being able to recover quickly requires significant mental strength and psychological resilience. The benefits of being mentally fit means we are able to use our mental abilities to our fullest extent, allowing us to be more creative, and approach difficult situations more calmly with less anxiety.  

If you want to build your mental strength, try focusing on one thing at a time.  Life is full of many problems and situations we are having to deal with at any given moment. But if you are able to quiet your mind and be present in the current situation then you are going to be better at coping.  Turn off the to-do list and be all there.

If you are feeling the stress of life, keep your mind from racing and move your body. Like medicine in the treatment of mental illness, exercise can increase levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. It improves and normalizes neurotransmitter levels, which ultimately helps us feel mentally healthy.

Set aside one to two minutes each day to decompress, check in with your body, and assess how you’re feeling and make adjustments as needed.  

Don’t give over your mental control to outside forces like work, drama and unhealthy habits.  Stay physically fit and mentally strong.

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