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The Timing Rarely Seems "Right"

Sometimes we are presented with opportunities in life to make major changes to where we are at.  These changes might be a job related or relationship related or even as simple as changing our mind on what to order on a menu.  But the good thing is, is that the timing to make the change might not always seem right at the time.

Often we question if we are supposed to make the leap of faith, to jump from one lily pad to the other.  What if you can’t see where you are going? You know your current situation is safe and you know what to expect.  But when given the opportunity to move forward into the unknown, it can be scary but the outcome can be so rewarding.  You just don’t know until you go!

What are you facing that is your potential opportunity?  Are you staying in your safe comfort zone? What if you do succeed and that new change is better than you could have ever hoped for?  What if it’s worse and you really hate it? This is life. These are the experiences are create for ourselves daily and we learn from them and grow.  But you will never know the potential the awaits you unless you make the move.

There will be no “perfect” time. But when you look back on how far you have come and through those glasses, look ahead to where you are going, then you will see that you can handle whatever it is that comes your way and that the perfect time is now.  "There are far greater things ahead than that which we leave behind."  -C.S. Lewis

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