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There Are No Bad Days, Just Days With Hiccups


Ever have those mornings where things go wrong and then it seems like it is one thing after another for the rest of the day?  You might feel like you could barely catch your breath all day and you write the whole day off as “bad.”  

Even when it feels like there is a storm of misfortune outside of our control, the truth is that it is entirely possible to stop a “bad” day in its tracks and redirect its path.  You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control your reaction to it.

Take these 3 simple action steps to reclaim your day, no matter what life throws in your way:

1. Isolate the incident

Your “bad moment hiccup” only has as much power as you give it.  So, if you spill your coffee and it makes you late for work, don’t immediately think, “Great, this day is gonna suck.”  Instead, neutralize your thoughts and change them.  This one event isn’t going to make your whole day “bad.”   Allow yourself to be frustrated but then write it off and move on.  

  1. Be Positive

There’s validity to the saying, “find your happy place” when everything around you seems crazy.  Your brain then becomes easily overwhelmed and frustrated.  But instead of seeing these stressful situations as bad, control your mind until you are at least neutral, if not positive about what’s going on.  This will help you to move on to better things and remove the lingering ill feelings that came on.  

  1. Take Action

We are lovers of victory, which is exactly what you need when you feel things are out of control.  When you feel stuck in rut, take a minute or two to complete a simple task and cross it off your list.  Haven’t worked out in a while?  Don’t fret, just do something easy to get back into the game!  Doing the little things and gaining those small victories might be enough to instill within you the grit you need to carry onwards and take control of your day.

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