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When You Need A Pick Me Up

Happy Monday!  Although for some you might still be feeling the effects of Saturday nights St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Get a little too carried away?  

Sometimes it’s tough to start the work week coming off of a great weekend you don’t want to leave behind.  You might look at the week ahead and think, geeze, I have nothing to look forward to, I feel awful, I’m still tried and I just want to go back to bed.

Sound familiar? *raises hand*

But we do have one thing to look forward to that will almost instantly make you feel better.

Your workout.  Shocker.

It is a well-known fact that during and after your workout, the endorphins released in your brain serve as a mood lifter, making you feel better emotionally and physically after your workout.  

It’s very much like medication.  So many people these days turn to the use of prescription medication as mood enhancers, depression control, and anti-anxiety.  And we’re not saying there isn’t a time and place for that.  If more people turned to the gym as the first answer for a mood enhancer, then perhaps we would successfully medicate the first wave of depression in America.  

So if you are finding yourself in need of a pick me up this week, get to the gym and pick up some weights to get those “good vibe” juices flowing.  It’s even as easy as doing some bodyweight workouts in your own home.


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