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You Must Start To Be Great

Anyone else feeling a little case of the “Monday’s” today?  *raises hand* But that doesn’t mean we get to ignore all of our duties we have set up this week.  We can dread all the duties we have coming our way or we can face them head on and knock it out of the park.

Just starting a task is half the battle.  Maybe you are wanting to start a new workout schedule but have found a few excuses that have kept you from it.  Maybe your job has some big projects coming up that you are dreading to start.

You don’t have to be stellar to start.  You just have to actually start somewhere.  Start with what you know and what works best for you.  One to two-hour workout sessions seems a little daunting?  Probably. But how does 30 minutes sounds? That’s probably doable and something you can commit to.  So if you’ve been on the fence of procrastination, whether it’s for your workouts, hobby, or that project at work, just get started on it this week.  Take that step towards accomplishing your goal.

Today’s Tips:

  • Break down that big task (or workout) into 3 manageable steps.  Write down what you can do right now to make progress and do it!

  • Set up rewards for yourself when you accomplish each step.

  • Visualize your end goal - fitter lifestyle, or a promotion at work, and let that fuel your desire to start and complete the task at hand

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