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Bringing Back the Bands

Resistance Bands are Back'n Black!  


Survival and Cross has expanded their efforts to earn their name in the fitness industry.  They have already launched three successful products; jump rope, resistance bands, and hand wraps. The resistance bands will be back in stock in Amazon, Shopify, and Ebay mid April 2016.  

The resistance bands that they will be re-launching are at 41” long, 1 ⅛” width, 4.5mm thick providing durability and longevity. These bands will add 25-75 pounds of extra resistance challenging you with every movement.

In addition to their high ranking product, jump rope, the resistance bands are another tool that can be used by any individual  regardless of their fitness level. A few exercises that can be done with a resistance band include: pull-ups, dips, and muscle ups. This product provides many versatile exercises incorporating your shoulders, legs, and arms.

After the launch of the first set of resistance bands in 2014, Survival and Cross has has seen a spike in increase of sales and made the decision to bring the product back due to a number of loyal customers requests and demands.

Survival and Cross continues to value each and every one of their customers by responding to their needs. They have continued to provide online videos and training to ensure their customers are using their products correctly and safely. Survival and Cross’s CMO Abigail Baines says, “Our team values hard work, dedication, and reaching the next goals. If we can give back to our community by providing them helpful videos and ebooks about the importance of staying healthy and fit with the help of our products, we are fulfilling one of our life missions”.



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