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Find your comfort zone. Then Leave It.

Everyone has a comfort zone. It’s easy to do what is comfortable and to not push ourselves to our highest potential. If we choose to follow our fears and stick with only the familiar, we will be destined to fall behind everyone else who is willing to take a chance and step outside of their comfort zone. 

We are all creatures of habit and thrive on the predictable and comfortable to minimize stress. However, when we decide to leave our comfort zone, we need to learn how to manage the stress that follows the unpredictable and uncomfortable. 

4 Tips to Manage Stress:

1. Go for a run: Exercise is a wonderful to minimize and relieve stress. You'll let out all your stresses and aggression through your run or workout. You'll minimize stress because you will feel rejuvenated after. Exercising helps you sleep better too which leads us to tip number 2...

Remember: To reap the benefits of running and exercising, you must do it often/continuously. 

2. Get a good night sleep: Sleep is very important for overall health. More importantly, it helps your mind process things better. If you have a bad night sleep you are more likely to handle stress poorly and backtrack on your success. But if you continually get a good night sleep, you will most likely handle new stresses with more of a poise and calming manner. 

3. Eat well: Now this should be tip number one. As you already know, eating well-balanced meals is not only healthy and essential, but it will help you feel better in general. 

4. Relax a little: Taking a break when you feel overwhelmed is very helpful. It can help you regain your motivation to keep changing. 

Helpful hint: Stretching and deep breathing can help your mind stay relaxed and focused on your goals. aka leaving your comfort zones. 

After learning how to manage new stresses, you will be well on your way to leave your comfort zone and achieve anything you wish! 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Have a great week! 



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