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Speed Jump Rope

$ 16

Amazon's #1 Best Seller! Your search for the perfect speed jump rope is over! When you purchase the Survival and Cross speed jump rope NOW, here's what you do: Rip open the sexy brown box. Take out your Survival and Cross speed jump rope & ad... Read More

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Survival and Cross specializes in speed jump ropes and training ropes.  If you're looking to improve your jump rope routine, you've found the right place.  Our ropes are tried and tested by Crossfitters, MMA fighters, and boxers with fantastic reviews on the quality and speed of our ropes!  


"One of the best jump ropes I have yet to work with. I bought one for me and my Girlfriend she loves it as well. The fact that I can cut it to my size is very helpful, I tend to fall in between sizes on the pre-cut ones and it's frustrating. I didn't have to worry about this one at all. I am using it every day without a problem."


"I recently started cross-fit and was struggling with double-unders until I purchased and starting using this jump rope. It was easy to adjust to my height and with the bearings in the handles the rope is extremely smooth and fast. I can now perform my double-unders like the veterans :-)... Thank you for such a quality rope at an amazing price and for the excellent customer service!"




"I never owned a speed rope before this. I have always liked working out due to my profession, active duty Marine, however, it is hard to make time to get that work out in, I am on recruiting duty. You can take this rope anywhere with you and man is it fast! Before this rope anytime I tried double unders I struggled trying to complete one successfully. Now I am able to do them with ease and get some cardio in pretty much anywhere. So please check out my video because I show you a way to trim your rope and also me doing a few double unders! By the way, the customer service at from the people at Survival and Cross is spectacular!"


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