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Q. How fast will I receive my product?

A.  All of our products are strategically placed in warehouses throughout the United states to provide our customers with the fastest shipping possible.  You will have your product within 5-7 business days however, it is generally a faster turnaround time.

Q. Do you offer a lifetime warranty on your products?

A. We do!  All VIP Members are automatically registered to receive the 100% lifetime warranty on ANY of our products.  

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Q. What if I use your product and it breaks?

A. That's what that 100% Lifetime Warranty is for and the VIP Club!  See Above! 

At Survival and Cross we are dedicated to helping you maximize your workout routine.  You can't do that with a broken item!  We stand by the quality of our product 100% but we know accidents happen.  We guarantee a replacement item if the said item has been registered with us after purchasing.  

Q. How do I redeem my lifetime warranty?

A.  So sorry something happened!  But, all you need to do to redeem your warranty is fill out our warranty redemption form.  You can do that here:  Redeem My Warranty

Q. How Do I Size My Speed Jump Rope?

A. Great question!  It's very important to have the right size rope in your workout or else you will be tripping yourself up and not maximizing those Double Unders and Crossovers.  

Click Here For a Full Demo On How To Size Your Rope

Q. How Do I Size My Segmented Jump Rope?

A. Great question!  Our segmented jump ropes come long and can be cut to size.  Here's a video that demonstrates exactly how to size your Survival and Cross segmented jump rope:

Click Here For a Full Demo On How To Size Your Segmented Jump Rope