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How To Size Your Speed Jump Rope

Your Rope - Your Height - How To Size Your Jump Rope

survival and cross jump rope

survival and cross jump rope

Sizing your Survival and Cross speed rope is very important to maximize your workout. If the rope is too short, you might have difficulty in jumping and passing the rope under your feet.  If it's too long, you stand the chance of getting whipped up by the lightning fast cable!  It doesn't feel good!  

Here's how to size it up, it only takes a minute!

  1. Grab your speed rope
  2. Stand in the middle of the rope with one foot while pulling the handles up to your armpit.
  3. Make sure the handles are even on both sides.  For correct measuring, the handles should be about at your armpits or slightly higher.  If the rope is passed your shoulders it is way too long and will make jumping difficult.
  4. The idea is to have where the cable meets the rope to be able right at your armpit.

Check out this video below to watch our demo on how to size your Survival and Cross jump rope.

Now here's a big shocker some might have never considered:

There is no perfect length.  

It all depends on your style of jumping and how you operate your jump rope.  As your skill increases, your taste in the length of your jump rope will change.  So do NOT cut your jump rope too short at first.  Take time to get used to your cable jump rope before you cut off the extra length.  

If there is excess cable after you've adjusted it, you can take wire cutters and cut the extra off so it doesn't get in the way of your workout.  We suggest leaving a few extra inches though just in case you need to modify the length of the rope in the future.  

Be sure to replace the black rubber end caps so your cable rope doesn't fray over time!

Now you're set and ready to knock out some double unders!  

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survival and cross jump rope