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Who Are You?

The average human being spends a large amount of energy worrying about their future.  How can I get a better job to get more money?  What's my next big move?  Where will I be in 5 years?  To an extent we can control these things.  We can increase our value in the work field by getting more education, apply for some big corporate job and maybe rise to the top or decide that in 5 years we want to be living in Maine and eating lobster every day.




Ok, these sound great!







But what if life gets in the way of these plans?  We could go to school and change our major a few times and come out with not much more than a piece of paper to show for years of hard work and little pay.  The economy could change and suddenly a high-throned desk job isn’t the best thing in the world.  We could find out we are tragically allergic to lobster.

Suddenly, what was important to us is either out of our control or has become less relevant.  Goals can always change after all.  We can’t always control the world around us. There is one critical aspect of life we each can control every day but only a small percentage of us take notice.  It is perhaps the simplest and most influential key to effecting our immediate future and outlook on life.  

This aspect being our level of physical fitness and preparedness.  When our bodies are physically prepared to deal with the high demands of our everyday living then our minds are set up to be able to handle the high stress and activity level most of us experience every day.  

Who Are We?

Survival and Cross seeks to help individuals reach their peak fitness goals by providing quality manufactured fitness gear that will guarantee an optimized workout.  We know how fast the day goes, so we understand that the precious time spent working out should be a positive and hassle free experience.

By setting our customers up with the tools needed to get results, we at Survival and Cross are committed to helping individuals achieve a higher quality of living.

We are a small family owned and operated business started on laptops in a backyard with a goal to create a brand that brings better service and better products to anyone who seeks to improve their physical preparedness.  

By spending time talking to all customers who contact us, we have developed a personalized service that is unlike most in today's online market.  We take time to listen to the stories of those who use our products, how they have improved in their workouts and how they have started to take control of their future one day at a time, one workout at a time. 




What We Do:

We have dedicated our business to those who live life passionately and see peak physical preparedness.  Our community has grown to include a plethora of CrossFitters, boxers, mixed martial artists, Navy Seals and military personnel.  We welcome the challenge of each individual's workout as they put our gear to the test in the field and in their high intensive routines.

Who Are You Going To Be?

Not being able to control our tomorrow is one thing, knowing one way we can control it and doing nothing about it is another.  We can effect our tomorrow by becoming physically prepared today.  We can control our entire outlook on life simply by taking the steps needed to prepare our bodies for whatever might be coming our way.  Staying fit and controlling how you live today will ensure you a better tomorrow and allow you to live the life you always hoped for.  





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