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Ab Mat

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Muscle Maximizer Mat Alert! 


Tired of an achy back and shoulders while doing your ab workouts and you heard about the benefits a full range situp can do for you? Want a thick, padded and reliable Ab Mat that will work as hard as you do......and you wanted it at an affordable price?  

Not too much to ask.  That is exactly what this Ab Mat will do for you! 

Benefits of the Survival and Cross Ab Mat

  • PREMIUM, FIRM SUPPORTED ABDOMINAL MAT that is ready to provide you complete isolation of ab muscles. Stable back support with an arch design customized for complete comfort.
  • BUILT FOR OPTIMAL POSITION to support your lower back and eliminate any strain while maximizing your workout
  • Weight: 2 pounds Length: 35cm Width: 29cm Thickness: 9cm
  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION to jump start your workout targeting your entire abdominal muscle group 
  • PROTECTED FOAM PAD that prevents abrasion, skin burn, and abdominal slipping during your sit-ups

Dynamics of the Ab Mat

There is a 30 degree arch to your Ab Mat that allows for the full range of your spin and gives you resistance while you perform a sit up.  

When you just start out using an ab mat, you will find that just starting out in the beginning stage of the movement that it is harder for you.  This is because with an Ab Mat, you are using your external obliques to pull yourself up in the first half of the movement.  In a normal sit up, you don’t have the opportunity to engage this muscle group.   

Once you are about halfway through the movement, your regular abdomen takes over followed by your internal obliques that finish the movement out into the hip flexors.

Once you grab this Survival and Cross Ab Mat you will be well on your way to those washboard abs you've been striving to get! 


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Shipping Information

  • LOWEST Standard Shipping of $6.95 for all USA Orders!
  • Most US based orders are shipped directly from our warehouse within 24-48 hrs for your convenience and maximum efficiency
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  • All International (Non-US) orders incur a $25 shipping charge which are shipping via standard US Mail and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive
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Return Policy

  • We offer 100% Lifetime Warranty on our product after product registration.  Please contact us for return request and Warranty Redemption. 

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Fit To Survive, Fit To Thrive! 

Survival and Cross is a small locally owned and operated family business and we are taking the fitness industry by storm with top quality gear that will maximize any workout routine.  A customer-centered shopping experience has always been our goal and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors.  Shop with us today and experience the Survival and Cross difference.  

A Few of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us:

    • We use national fulfillment centers to ship your order.  We have partnered with national fulfillment centers for all order fulfillmentand have our products strategically placed in warehouses across the United States.  That means you will be receiving your awesome gear by one one of the best online retailers in existence from somewhere nearest to you.
    • Securest ordering available
    • Lowest pricing available online
    • Brand new state-of-the-art equipment so you can stay up on the latest and best gear for your workout
    • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
    • Tons of satisfied customers
    • Quality name brand products - You really will love our products
    • 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee
    • All items in stock & ready to ship
    • Everyone that uses our products regularly comes back with success stories of how they have better workouts.  We must be doing something right!

We Sincerely Want To See You Succeed! 

All of Survival and Cross' products are made of quality materials that are built to work as hard as you do.  We are proud to say we have spent extensive hours creating a product that doesn't just help maximise your routine but it is built to last!  We follow a strict customer service guideline, which states that we will do whatever is in our power to ensure you have a positive experience with us.  In doing so, we have been told by many that they have never experienced such wonderful customer service.  So have no doubt that when you order from us you become more than just a customer number to our company, you become a valued member of a group of people who sincerely want to help you succeed in your physical preparedness goals. 





Q. How fast will I receive my product?

A.  All of our products are strategically placed in warehouses throughout the United states to provide our customers with the fastest shipping possible.  You will have your product within 5-7 business days however, it is generally a faster turnaround time.

Q. Do you offer lifetime warranty on your products?

A. We do!  We have built great trust with our customers and will provide you with a replacement item if your item has been registered with us under our lifetime warranty registration which you can do after purchasing your item. 

Q. What if I use your product and it breaks?

A. At Survival and Cross we are dedicated to helping you maximise your workout routine.  You can't do that with a broken item!  We stand by the quality of our product 100% but we know accidents happen.  We guarantee a replacement item if the said item has been registered with us after purchasing.  To register your product and guarantee your lifetime warrenty go here:

Q. I just purchased the Survival and Cross Speed Rope, how do I size the jump rope?

A.  To size the jump rope simply step in the middle holding the handles up to your shoulders.  If the handles extend passed the top of your shoulders, it's too long!  They should be between the top of your shoulders and 3-4 inches below.  Fasten the metal collar and screws tightly to keep them in place.  For more information on adjusting your rope, go here:

Q. What kind of surface can I jump on with the Speed Jump Rope?

A. We suggest avoiding concret while using our jump rope.  The rubberized coating that is designed for optimized speed may begin to wear with repeated use on rough surfaces.  We suggest jumping on surfaces like gym floors or a yoga mat to lessen the wear of your rope through time.

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